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We believe that God is alive and He Personally even today enforces and enlarges His Kingdom in and through us Daily by the Personal agency of the Holy Spirit, the Same Spirit that anointed Jesus as Christ and made Christ Lord after He raised Jesus from the grave , that very same Spirit abides in Believers even to day , To Produce not only those very works which Jesus worked so many years ago but also permit us to do even the More by and through the very Grace of God He so lavishly poured out over us in Christ .


Truth In Love Ministries, Actively supporting all the below ministries to grow and empower people through the love of Jesus Christ.
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Bless a Buddy outreach program

This project is an outreach program that targets orphanages and street children. to aid and support them with Christmas presence, and beginning of school necessities.

Cakes for His Glory

Cakes for his glory is a decorative specialty cakes business that makes a sells cakes, from this the resources goes into charity or we make cakes for charity.

Proverbs bible school

The Bible school will soon change to truth in love however was part of the ministry, Christian life training up to diploma in ministry and then form part of the calvary university in USA.

Poetry Corner

Christian Poetry , Prophetic poetry declaring truths in poems and poetic art.

Cry for help ministry

Cry for help ministry is a work in progress that at present supports abused and addicted children, The main focus of this program was to act on behalf of children of any age that suffer abuse. with the present condition of The Wold.


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