About Us


Andre Le Roux

He grew up in Pretoria West, South Africa. He is a Devoted Father and Loving husband. Director of Truth In Love Ministries and a steward of this vibrant and heavily anointed ministry for over 10 years.

He loves Preaching and teaching the word of God, with the aid of The Holy Spirit, He is a prophetic teacher, that shares and reveals the Loving message of the Grace Of God.

With the healing grace and prophetic anointing that emanates from this ministry, God reaches the Lost and touches many.

“I hate sickness and suffering, I believe God wants every person to be set free and healed, so they may experience His tangible overwhelming presence, that is why My destined purpose is to establish a nation of believers that know Jesus as He really is! and Whom is known by Him,┬áTruth as God believes it, and people whose collective desire it is to live and move in the Kingdom, Power and Glory of God and to see and embrace His Promises while we are alive.



We are so privileged and blessed to be able to surrender our lives to the Practical Hands on Ministry in service of Christ.

We believe that God is alive and He Personally even today enforces and enlarges His Kingdom in and through us Daily by the Personal agency of the Holy Spirit, the Same Spirit that anointed Jesus as Christ and made Christ Lord after He raised Jesus from the grave , that very same Spirit abides in Believers even to day , To Produce not only those very works which Jesus worked so many years ago but also permit us to do even the More by and through the very Grace of God He so lavishly poured out over us in Christ .

We are honored to have been witnesses of this in this age and continue to be awed by the wondrous workings of His Mighty Presence in and through us daily.